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What makes Rebecca A. Roberts the Lawyer for You?


Expertise:  Over 25 years of strong and winning experience has proved that Rebecca Roberts knows what she is doing.


Strong Relationships:  Rebecca Roberts has a strong relationship with the Court Systems in Southeast Michigan and she is highly respected by her peers and judges alike.


Experience:  Unlike most attorneys, Rebecca Roberts has no fear of the courtroom and is in trail regularly.  She sees the judges every week and maintains strong ties with their staff.


Care:  Although other attorneys may be able to “handle” your case, Rebecca A. Roberts cares about you and your family.  She works extremely hard to keep this difficult situation productive with your best interests at heart.


Commitment:  Once your case is over, Rebecca Roberts will be there to help you with any post-judgment problems that may arise.


Effectiveness:  Over the past 25 years, Rebecca Roberts has handled a wide spectrum of cases.  She will do everything possible to wrap up your case in a timely manner and avoid delays that cause unnecessary legal fees.


Tenacity:  When your case cannot be easily solved, Rebecca will fight hard and use all of her extensive resources to win.  Unlike so many attorneys, Rebecca Roberts has no fear of the courtroom and her reputation is that of a winner.

February 2018
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